like an espresso, we are small and strong

meet the crew

Our team is a carefully selected blend of talented and skilled individuals with a passion for elevating brands. We’re dedicated to the exploration of strategic ideas executed through graphic design, packaging, branding, product creation, video, retail, advertising, and marketing. We work in partnership with writers, coders, industrial designers, and product engineers to empower your business and help you realize a better bottom line. We are creative thinkers, rule breakers, collaborators and co-conspirators who deliver real results.

Rob Smith headshot

Robert Smith

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Robert has established several successful creative businesses in addition to overseeing the strategy and creative at greenmelon. His support of the industry through teaching and mentoring have helped him to assemble a talented crew.

Russel Hawley headshot

Russel Hawley

Studio Manager

Organizational savant, Russel is our voice of reason. He has an in-depth knowledge of design, publishing, and project management. He’s the go to for everything and is (almost) always willing to share from his stash of dark chocolate.

Jess Jodoin headshot
Jess Jodoin Provisional RGD

Designer/Web Designer

Our go-to for all things digital, Jess is exceptional at design, coding, and making images move. She’s our ‘do-it-all’ person, and with her superior creative problem-solving skills, bringing the print and digital worlds together is a piece of cake.

Marvin the Melon

Marvin the Melon RGD (real good dude)

Melon Mascot

Marvin’s here to boost morale and improve communication in the workplace. He encourages us to take short breaks, get fresh air, and helps stimulate creativity and increase productivity (so we don’t lose our rinds!). He also speaks fluent Wookie.

our pledge to you

Greenmelon exists because, in our hearts, we believe businesses deserve better. Better branding, better messaging and better results. We believe in providing an unmatched return on investment. We break boundaries, take risks and challenge perceptions. And we never “dial it in”, unless we’re ordering pizza.

our process

Far too often branding and design are regelated to likes versus needs. Your brand’s success is not based on what you like or don’t like. It’s what will engage, get attention, and stand out. Brand success starts with a conversation.

Driven by Strategy

Research is boring? Really? For us there is beauty in the data and statistics are sublime. The path to your customer’s heart is through the numbers.

Creative Excellence

Sure, we have won international, national, and local design awards, but that’s only part of the equation. Our true success is the collaborative relationships we share with our clients.

Fueled by Collaboration

We are experts in building and strengthening compelling brands, but you are the expert in what you do. That’s why we ensure you are part of the process.

strategy, beauty, passion.

products & services

Greenmelon casts a wide net of experience with a carefully selected in-house team, and covers a broad span of products and services including:

  • brand audit, research and brand strategy
  • brand development, messaging and brand implementation
  • identities: logos, symbols, and wordmarks
  • web strategy, UI/UX design and website development
  • graphic design, digital/print layout and production
  • print publications: books, annual reports, brochures, kit folders, posters
  • motion graphics, animation
  • illustration
  • social media strategy, campaign development and implementation
  • strategic writing and content creation 
  • promotional and invitation collateral for launches and events
  • product packaging and retail management 
  • environmental signage, displays and trade show booths
  • advertising: newspaper, magazine, social media, digital, radio, direct mail
  • brand photography
  • printing management

let’s connect!

We want to learn more about you! How can we help you break down barriers, shake it up and make people pay attention? Every job, every client, gets our undivided attention—unless there’s a dog in the office.

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