Bro Dough
helping a bro make some dough

Understanding that consumers shop with their eyes first, then stomach and finally brain, we helped this plucky start-up find it’s brand bravado. Because the brand was new, we knew that appealing to the inner child, greenmelon decided to lead with “cookie dough” and use the logo as a piece of punctuation. Bold colours were chosen to maximize colour blocking on the store shelf. We then brought the “bro” by using strong statements like “This ain’t your mama’s cookie dough”, so the brand became an audience-focused conversation.

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a playful brand for friendly bros

Sharing might be caring, but not when it comes to your cookie dough—you might want to keep all of it for yourself, am I right? Keeping that playfulness in mind, designing a brand full of attitude was what Bro Dough needed. And we made sure to bring the attitude in every aspect of the branding; bold, bright colours, playful typefaces, and messaging that brings the ‘bro’.

the bros are browsing

A new brand doesn’t stop at a new logo and packaging, Bro Dough also needed a new website. And just like the branding, the website needed that boost of energy to live up to the ‘bro’ name. Big, bold titles with lots of attitude (this ain’t you’re mama’s cookie dough!) and bright colours, helped build the Bro Dough website into a fun and playful Wonka-esque cookie dough store—because you can never get enough of some crazy good cookie dough.

“Greenmelon was such a pleasure to work with. They understood my vision and allowed me to be a part of the entire process. I’ve been getting so much positive feedback on the rebrand they did for my business. They’re a team of rockstars!”

— Erica Rankin, CEO/Founder of Bro Dough