branding a new kind of flower shop

The emerging cannabis retail market has become competitive, crowded and confusing. When greenmelon was approached to design a new branded retail experience, we started from scratch. Stores have been opening at a staggering rate as well as offering the same products, so it became clear that a new approach was needed. Enter Flower Haze.

Services Brand Identity | Art Direction | Packaging Design | Copywriting | Environmental Graphics

buds meet boho

With a desire to appeal to a more female audience, greenmelon began by studying other types of female-focused retail, including fashion, home accessory and makeup/personal care products. A boho (bohemian) aesthetic was chosen for the new store. Large wall graphics depicting lifestyle imagery and statements like “good vibes” were combined with a light, natural colour palette. A darker green was introduced to create contrast and to highlight the ‘education’ wall to bring focus to important information for new and curious shoppers.

higher education

For consumers new to cannabis, it’s important that they understand the basics so they can have the best possible experience. Education became a focus for the layout, graphics and messaging.

The layout was divided into three areas, education, product and lifestyle. This identified the customer journey and made for a friendly environment. An education wall was created to educate and demystify misinformation so that the consumer could make a more informed choice. The wall uses a dark contrasting green to add focus. The information was presented in a narrative style to walk the reader through their decision process. A series of branded custom icons were created to support the information and create visual appeal.

The result is a warm and inviting retail experience that supports return visits and rave reviews.

“Working with the team at greenmelon was an absolute pleasure. They were able to take our vision, and add focus to it to create a clear understanding of who our target audience were. Robert’s time has proven to be the best investment we have made in our business. Our customers love our brand.”

— Sam Sayed, CEO of Flower Haze

rolling out the brand

The roll out of the new brand included a complete redesign and implementation of their website, including design, strategy, writing and curating visual elements. A comprehensive brand guide was written and produced to empower the in-house team for social media, in-store promotion and merchandising.