Farm Boy
a brand so good you can taste it

Our relationship with Farm Boy began in 1998 when there were only three stores. Each location had their own logo and look, a situation that made it difficult to establish overall brand credibility. At the outset, we conducted a comprehensive brand audit and competitive assessment. The findings showed a great opportunity in the local fresh food retail sector. Most consumers shopped at big box grocery stores and Farm Boy was unique in that it did not stock household items like light bulbs and cleaners, instead they specialized only in fresh produce and quality food.

Services Brand Identity | Art Direction | Packaging Design | Copywriting | Environmental Graphics
Engagement 1998–2021

the brand is in the bag

Now an iconic symbol, we created the Farm Boy logo using a woodcut style that echoed back to old world quality and charm. The black and beige colour palette reinforced the logo style as well as being easily and inexpensively reproduced at any size. We quickly followed it up with a stationery package that resembled paper grocery bags, with a stock made of kraft paper. Each business card had a food tip or other relevant product information on the back.

“We do not want to ruin the magic of Farm Boy by trying to integrate them. We love what Farm Boy is doing; it has the best brand…we want to see it grow.”

— Michael Medline, President & CEO of Empire Company Limited

a brand so good you can taste it

In addition to ongoing brand management, we have provided creative services for print advertising, private-label packaging for literally hundreds of products, display units, and point-of-purchase promotional materials. In fact it has extended far beyond traditional marketing communications and now includes store exterior and interior design, as well as product consultation. In direct competition with Eastern Canadian retailing behemoths, greenmelon needed to contend with significantly smaller budgets, while still managing to position Farm Boy as a leader in their sector throughout their aggressive and impressive growth.

the results

On September 24, 2018, Empire Company Ltd., parent of the Sobeys chain of supermarkets, announced that it had signed an agreement to purchase Farm Boy worth $800 million. Growing from three small stores to one of the strongest retail brands in Ontario, this certainly confirmed the value of the beloved Farm Boy brand.